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September 12 or 19

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What Will You Leave Business Plan In a Day With?

A Comprehensive Business Plan that will Serve as Your Blueprint for Building a Business that Supports the Life You and Your Family Deserve

Vision, Mission, Values

Getting clear on where you’re going, how you’re going to get there, and why you want to get there drives every decision you make in your business, keeps you and your employees motivated, and inspires customer loyalty.

Personal Finance

Improving your credit and separating your personal finances separate from your business finances provides better access to tools to grow your business, and can save you money and decrease your tax burden.

Market Analysis

Knowing your marketplace gives you unique insight to outperform the competition and capitalize on opportunities before others in the market are aware they exist.

Products & Services

Focusing on products and services that improve the lives of your target customers causes brings them into the door and causes them to come back for more.

Marketing Strategy

People can’t buy from you if they don’t know you exist. Executing a marketing strategy that improves awareness and attracts customers, increases revenue and creates consistency.


Implementing systems and processes into your business earns you time, increases your profitability and accelerates your ability to grow.

Business Finance

Your business is a conduit that supports your livelihood. Organizing the business’ finances correctly gives you the opportunity to reap the rewards today, and especially in the future

Only 25 Seats Available - Reserve Your Seat Now!

Want to Hear What Other Attendees Have to Say?

Photo of Rosetta of Momma Doula

"Thank you to everyone behind this program... To run into all these resources, and to have all you guys willing to help us thrive and be successful in our businesses is outstanding, it's so amazing, just thank you."

Rosetta, Momma Doula

Photo of Tara from Dope Food and Smoothies

"Thank you for stimulating our brains and catapulting our futures and aiding us in our dream. We really thank you wholeheartedly. You have made a difference not in just one life but many lives. Thank you."

Tara, Dope Food & Smoothies

Photo of Mario of Super Mario's Kitchen

"I just want to thank you Oliver for having an amazing class. If it wasn’t for this class I wouldn’t have met... everybody else here. We give ideas off of each other and we are able to help our businesses grow"

Mario, Super Mario's Kitchen

Photo of Benita of Adorned Abode

"I appreciate you all for the resources... Thank you all so much, it’s a wonderful service and I have definitely shared it with people and I will continue to share it."

Benita, Adorned Abode

"I learned exactly what I need to do and sell to be sufficient and sustainable."

"The app was awesome! It made the business plan process so simple. It was amazing!"

"I loved the opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs, where we can bounce ideas off each other and help our businesses grow."

"I really liked all the vital information shared by the trainer, side-by-side with the app, and the networking with other owners."

“[Oliver] was very knowledgeable about business and his teaching style was effective at facilitating discussion and pushing us to grow both personally and in our businesses. The course materials were easy to follow and asked insightful questions."

See Why So Many Business Owners Are Able to Increase Their Income and Credit Score, Get Loans and Attract Investors When They Just Have a Business Plan. Reserve Your Free Seat Now!